2024-07-18 | 6:24 UTC 

S-77CCR is a tactical urban counter-surveillance systems for ground controlled UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and airborne drones to monitor public space.
About S-77CCR
Illegal? Legal!
Is the use of surveillance technologies by members of the public and non-profit organizations compatible with European Union law?
Legal Expertise by the European Commission

Curious? So Are We...

Eyebrows will rise at the sight of an ultramodern communications tower pointing up from historic Karlsplatz like an extended middle finger. But what better way to say, the real issues are above your heads? Already with the intensification of civil dissent throughout the Western democracies in the 1990s, the Cold War surveillance system began a process of involution, miniaturizing and proliferating into our daily lives. The security panic after the events of S&M 11 has done the rest.

Advanced videographic and biometric equipment, transported on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can now be used against peaceful demonstrators in the homeland cities. Every cloud may not have a silver lining - but it is likely to conceal an agent of the police. Protests such as those that occurred in Vienna on February 4, 2000, may already be obsolete. Faced with the electromagnetic specter of the unknown, human-rights groups have decided to seize extraordinary market opportunities, and equip themselves with the latest in airborne imaging devices, radio communications vectors and geographic information systems (GIS), to locate and track the adversaries (our public-service administrations) even as they are locating and tracking you.

The result is the System-77 Civilian Counter Reconnaissance initiative: Eyes in the skies, for democracy in the streets.